Why Tuesday’s with Jesus?

by lovelouseal

Hi! My name is Rachel Cooper and I absolutely love Jesus and this big beautiful world He created. I love it from the top of the mountains to the bottom of the oceans and all the people on it. There is just something so incredibly wonderful about the way God created us to live in community and rely on each other for accountability. This is something I have been learning a lot of lately as I have entered a new stage in my life as a college student. I am constantly surrounded by people, as I walk around campus, go into my dorm, or even go to the cafeteria for a meal. But something I have realized, is although I am constantly surrounded by people who push me to grow and become a better person each day, I sometimes forget to constantly surround myself with Jesus. 

Last April I was at a Women’s Conference hosted by my church and Megan Fate Marshman, the Women’s Director at Hume Lake Christian Camps, spoke about living in community. She explained that we were made to live in a community because God is a community (I could probably write an entire blog post on this idea alone, but I think that can be saved for a different time or place. So don’t mind me skipping ahead a little bit here). But she also brought up the idea that Jesus had a relationship with God and when he was crucified he was actually separated from God for the first time. Then she brought up this crazy thing… called Tuesday’s With Jesus. 

It started out as an experiment to see how easy it was to keep Christ at the center of a day. Tuesday’s with Jesus were her way of living in community with Jesus, and they quickly became my way of being in community with Jesus. Now every single Tuesday, I wake up and go through my normal day while pretending to have an actual person of Jesus with me at all times. I buy him coffee, hold doors open for him and save him seats at dinner. It’s really difficult, but it is so worth it! At the end of every Tuesday, I have the chance to simply stop and reflect on how my day with Jesus was. Tuesday’s have quickly become one of my most joyful days of the week. 

So now, jumping forward to today… I sort of brought my RA into my Tuesday’s with Jesus. Taylor and I talk about our Tuesday’s, the ups and downs of trying to remember Jesus at all times. We have forgotten him around campus a handful of times. But, I thought it would be a nice idea to jot down about our days, our thoughts and the things we’ve been discovering or learning for everyone to read. Maybe it will become a movement. So yes, I spend my Tuesday’s with Jesus… do you?

Much love,